Monday, March 14, 2016

14 (Alternate Ending)

Chapter 24

Jonas decided to slide down the hill with Gabriel. When they were sliding they both felt happiness. Gabriel had finally felt feelings. He felt love for Jonas. It was starting to get dark out "We better be aware Gabe," he said nervously. "They'll be returning soon." Jonas decided to grab his bicycle, the sled and Gabe. He walked for hours in search of food, for both of them. Every single little piece of food Jonas found he gave to Gabe first hoping to have some left for himself.
Gabriel's health was all he thought about throughout the whole journey. Of course he still put thought into himself but Gabe came first. After hours of walking he finally found a place to lay and rest with Gabe. The problem was that it was a place were it was warm and with that warmness it was easier to tell whether a person was there hiding or not. Jonas leaned his bicycle on a tree a laid down on the floor with Gabe beside him.
Gabriel heard the planes coming towards them, he immediately started screaming "Plane! Plane!" Jonas woke up, hoping to still have some memories of coldness. He thought it was over, he thought they were going to get caught. Jonas then remembered that he had just been in the snow sliding down the hill with Gabriel. When they were both sliding down, they were going fast and they both felt a cold breeze. He used that memory to hide their body's warmness in order for them to not be found.
They were trying to keep the memory going, but Jonas needed to leave some for later just incase. So they stopped remembering and they got caught. Jonas looking at Gabriel with sympathy said "The plane was suppose to leave, they weren't supposed to see anything other than a bicycle!" By then, the Path-Maintenance crew was already walking toward them.
They were freaked out, Jonas decided to make a bad decision. He immediately grabbed Gabe and his bicycle and started peddling away. They got pretty far away from the plane. But Jonas still had in mind that a plane and a bicycle were nothing alike. He decided to use that last piece of memory of the slide when he heard the plane coming towards them. This time he used it all, nothing left. Jonas was scared, he didn't know what to do, but all he knew was that he disliked that feeling. Gabriel in the other hand didn't really know what was going on but he knew that something was off. "We'll be heading back to Elsewhere and slide down the hill for while?" Jonas said, "does that sound fun?" Hoping to make Gabriel happy and feel unthreatened. They went back the next day early in the morning, being so much more careful of course. Jonas knew what he was doing and why. He felt confident, and he loved that feeling.
They had so much fun and Jonas got what he wanted. He was able to make more memories with the cold weather for the next emergency. They decided it was time to go somewhere far, somewhere were no one would ever think they would be at. So they took a path full of trees, and Jonas started seeing a color on the leaves.
"Do you see that Gabe?" Gabriel not knowing what Jonas was talking about just looked at the boring and plain old grey leaves.
"Do you see the color?" Jonas asking with so much excitement turned and looked at Gabriel. He saw how confused he looked, so he figured that Gabe couldn't see the different kind of color he was looking at. "I've seen this color before, I just don't know where." He started going through all of his memories shuffling them hoping to remember such an important thing. "I remember now!" He screamed with excitement "The Giver gave me this exact color as a memory." Remembering the color, Jonas was so convinced. "Yes! The color's name is .. Orange. Yes, I think that's what it's called. Orange." He remembered some memories being confused thinking that they should have been green because that's what he had seen in some of the Giver's memories.
Still doubting himself and his vision, they kept walking. Not knowing that the crew had been watching them all along. It was against the rules to run away especially to escape once they had already found them. They kept walking and walking until they found a similar place like the Elsewhere. He looked up at the sign, "Welcome to Colorville." Jonas was so confused but decided to explore not knowing that he was leading the crew all along. Once the crew got here they called for back up not knowing what they were getting into. Once Jonas stepped inside, all he saw was colors. He didn't know all of them but he loved them all.
"Can you see it Gabriel? Are you looking at what I'm looking at?" Gabriel nodded, followed by a "yesh!" Jonas thinking that Gabriel was lying pointed at the color red, and asked Gabriel to point at something else with the same exact color. Gabriel then pointed at a shiny red car. Now Jonas knowing that Gabriel could finally see all the different color's they explored together trying to learn all the different names of each an every single color. The crew stepped into the new discovered village. They saw color's too and they were amazed but they were still in search for Jonas and Gabe. Back up came a while after and started inspecting the village. Liking it of course, they still had to punish Jonas and Gabe for escaping. Not being able to say bye to each other they released Jonas and Gabe had been given to a different couple. 

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