Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"You and me"

From what I read today, it's kind of sad. Owen isn't much of an outgoing person or a social kind either. He's always been in one place only, he doesn't travel because his parents got that out when they were younger before he came along. They went everywhere and once they started a family they decided to stick to one place only. It makes me sad knowing that Owen feels like he doesn't have anyone. In the book it says that he was always in his room alone, he felt as if he and his father didn't belong in the building. Like they didn't "fit in".

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"You and Me"

This novel brings me mixed emotions, it's funny at time but it ca get sad as well. It makes me feel relaxed and calm due to what I've read so far. They're both stuck on an elevator and they have nothing to do since there's no reception, therefore they can't call for help. They're stuck in there and in the mean time they get to know each other. It makes me feel some type of way that I can't explain. It's actually a book I'm enjoying so far.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"Nobody was here"

In today's reading something interesting that I found out was that Penelope (the main character) loves to copy people's hand writing. Every time she finishes her homework he starts writing as a reward. From what I read so far I think that maybe something bad is going to happen and she's going to get a detention and she's going to forge her mom's signature since every single hand writing she copies looks good,