Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog Eight: Freedom

Establishing Justice challenges today's society because not everyone thinks the same. Some people are racist and wish bad for others. In he article that we read talked about how a police officer shot an African American. Justice is a challenge for some people. Not everyone's fair with everyone either because of they're color or where they come from. I think that justice and being fair isn't a problem in The Giver because everyone's the same. Everyone thinks and does everything the same, there is no jealousy and there is racism. In other cases, some people do support justice and freedom. Some people aren't racist and are fair with others no matter the color or where they're from.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog seven: Jonas' POV change

His point of view is changing from others because he became The Reciever of Memory and now everything changed. He has a different point of view of his life and his society now. Ever since he found out that he was going to be able to lie and since he found out that The Giver was able to transfer memory into him. Jonas started thinking that maybe he wasn't the only one who was able to lie. Maybe his parents assignment also included that rule, but he had no way of knowing, if he asked they could lie. (68)

Blog six: New chapter Title

chapter 9: Do you lie?
 I chose to name this chapter "Do you lie?" Because in the book it all has to do with rule number 8. That's how the mistery begins. "Rule 8. You may lie".

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog three: What if?

If I had to pick between these two societies I would prefer to be in my society. I would like to be in mine because first of all I'm already used to it. I already know all the rules. I also think that you have more freedom in my society than in Jonas', and I like freedom so I prefer mine.

Blog Four: Unity Through Conformity?

I think that Jonas thinks that his community isn't a really hard society to live in because he already lives there. He's already used to all his rules. For people that live in this society including me must think that it's a hard world to live in since it has too many rules and not enough freedom like the one we're used to having. People being the same creates Unity because you work the same
 And act the same, because everybody's following the same rules. They're all the same.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Some of the things that are similar to out world would be some rules! Our society also has rules. Another similar rule would be that China can also only have two kids! You are also aloud to adopt children and treat them like your own.

Some things that are different once again would be the rules. In the Giver there are a lot of rules. for example you can only get a bike at the age of 9. You'll also be giver a name at the age of 1. In the real world you have freedom and you are aloud to do whatever you want. For example you can ride a bike. Whenever you want and you also have to have a name when you're born.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog One: Career choices

I think that a pro for someone to pick a career for me would be that they probably know what's best for me. I also think that on the bright side I think that someone picking a career for me at 12 years old is a good idea because then I'll already know what my future might look like. They also must have a good reason why they picked that career for me.

One con would be that even though they might know what career is best for me that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to enjoy and like the career that they picked for me. If I don't like my career what's the point about working in it? I'll have to go everyday, I'll have to put up with it. I think that in order for me to enjoy my career I have to like it and at the same time the career has to have something good it it for me too.